I’ll drink to that

Something quite remarkable has been happening in the wine world over the last few years, something very few would have seen coming. It would have been a brave soul to place money on such an occurrence and if it wasn’t documented in black and white maybe most people would believe it untrue. So what is it you may be thinking? what is this event that has suddenly turned the wine making world on its head? It’s the fact that English wines have been beating French wines in head to head blind tastings and it’s not just any old French wines either. Theses are some of France’s most prestigious and iconic wines from none other than Champagne.

The reputation of English sparkling wine has grown to such a height over the last few years that it can now easily be mentioned in the same sentence as champagne. Wineries such as Nyetimber and Ridgeview in Sussex and Gusborne in Kent are leading the way. They are using traditional champagne wine making techniques and traditional champagne grapes varieties. These wineries always set out to make a high-quality product, the soil, climate and skill of their winemakers have proved this to be possible and these wines share many of the characteristics of their northern French rivals.

Nyetimber ‘Blanc de Blancs’ (a wine made from 100% chardonnay) was one of the wines that beat it’s French counterpart in a tasting organised by wine writer Mathew Jukes when 9 members of the 14 strong panel voted the English sparking superior to the Billecart-Salmon Gran Cru champagne which it was matched up against. 13 of the 14 judges thought the wine was French.

The Plough love to champion quality products from near and far and it is a pleasure for us to now stock this fantastic wine. Our very own ‘Spit’ wine school will be hosting an introduction to English wines on 31st August in the private rooms at the plough. Tickets are £25 and available from www.spitwineschool.co.uk the night will kick off with a glass of sparkling from this award winning winery.

Blog By: James Thewlis.


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